Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Coffee a stay stay!

The start to the morning is not complete for most of us without a coffee. Like it or not our society is driven on coffee. There are very few places you can go where you won't find a coffee shop and Kettering is no exception. Just a stones throw from our chocolate shop you will find Coffee A Go Go or 'Briggy's Cafe' as we like to call it. You can't miss the Go Go Girls and their brilliant red outfits on the building and if you think you are entering the chocolate Kingdom when entering our shop, you are definitely entering the Coffee Capital at A Go Go. The coffee is brilliant and will not disappoint, voted recently by our visiting Italian mate some of the best coffee he has ever had, and lets face it, our Italian Traveller Peiro has tired some coffee in his life time! Of course coffee may not be your thing and that's OK because you will also find the most AMAZING cookies! Now I know a thing or two about cookies, I love making, baking and taking them to friends and family, but my friend Briggs has really cracked the ultimate in chocolate cookie heaven. Known as the 'The Earthquake Cookie' it won't disappoint. Its full of chocolate yumminess and nougat flecks and believe me when I say one is not enough. They are exceedingly good value at just $1 and compliment any coffee experience. So if you are in the need of excellent coffee be sure to stop in at Coffee A Go Go, but be warned...sometimes Briggs won't be there as indicated by a small handwritten sign on the door, in which case you can find her most times chatting with us at the chocolate shop!

Cookies...Earthquake cookie, gingernuts and jam filled! A treat to be enjoyed!

More cookies to select from!

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