Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Good Old Fashion Service!

Today I had the opportunity to be a customer...Not in our chocolate shop but in a coffee shop in the city. Now as you all know the coffee industry is huge and there is almost not a street corner you will come across in down town Hobart without coffee! I know we have spoken about coffee before and we may talk about it again after today, because lets face it chocolate and coffee are pretty much best friends.

I had been to this place once or twice before but today I was truly touched when the girl not only remembered my name, but asked about my day and how I enjoyed my last coffee. Today I tried the hot chocolate...predictable, well yes and when I am away from the chocolate shop I do sometimes get chocolate withdraw! So to keep my chocolate level high enough to survive the trip back to Kettering I had a lovely hot chocolate. I am rating it up there with good hot chocolates, and if you get the chance to try Pilgrim Coffee in Argyle Street I would reccommend it. It was hot, creamy and chocolate balance was perfect without being too sweet and sugary.

But why I chose to talk about this tonight, is the customer service that I experienced today buying my hot chocolate. The welcoming, caring, nothing is a problem service, which in my opinion is not always easy to find in today's busy society. At Nutpatch we strive to always provide our customers with a unique experience and premium service. Its not just about purchasing chocolate, its about spending a few moments in your perhaps busy day, being made to feel special.

I love working in our chocolate shop, I love seeing our regular customers return with so much excitement about trying something new. I love greeting them by name and sometimes even knowing what they will select. I love the screams of joy from children as they are given a chocolate animal to eat, or the couple who care so much about each other they just know what to select for each other.

I think chocolate is a language of its own. It brings people together. It shows love and caring. I am so pleased the love and care that goes into making our chocolate and other products can give others a uplifting experience. So if ever you are in the area drop in, say hi, have a chat and a sample of our chocolate and maybe we can make you smile.

White Chocolate Chick...always smiling!

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