Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rain, the Park and the Chocolate Shop!

There are many joys of having a chocolate shop, for example when you go walking early on a Sunday morning, the sun is shining when you leave the house and so you assume naturally its going to be a nice day...Anyone who has lived in Tasmania long enough would know that is not the correct assumption to make...EVER, about the weather! 3km out from home the heavens open and it begins to rain. Ordinarily this would be annoying, but alas no, we have gone prepared with the key to the shop (and on a side note it is awesome to stop in a get a treat while exercising, even if it may counteract the walk), and so enter the chocolate kingdom. Here we waste no time setting to work and filling the cabinet for the days trade. It is one of my favourite things looking at all these little works of art, aligned perfectly on their white plates just waiting to make someones day. And so our morning walk is saved, the rain passes and our cabinet is once again ready for all to see.

Choices and Decisions...

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