Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Advent Calendars!

Did you have an advent calendar as a child? You know the paper little pre-perforated doors with a festive background motif, and the thin chocolate behind the little door? Or if you were unlucky the chocolate had dropped out of its little holder and fallen to the bottom of the calendar? The anticipation of Christmas, those 24 doors of slightly varying sizes and the thought that on the 25 day, the magic was here! 

My sister and I used to share an advent calendar. We would alternate days, all in anticipation of this small piece of chocolate and helping us mark time to the big day! 

I remember we would hassle mum for this calendar the minute they hit the shop shelves, until we were old enough to realise the chocolate was always just slightly disappointing! I do smile quietly to myself these days as I walk the shops full of such advent calendars and listen to all to familiar cries of 'oh but mum please can I have one,' 'mum you know I will be good', 'no mum I won't open it before December 1!'

Now it would be foolish to think that a chocolate shop wouldn't have an advent calendar, and well last year we did not! Last year the elves had exhausted their efforts stocking the shop for opening, but this year, oh yes this year they have been on the ball! This year you can purchase one of our wooden advent calendars, which has the added bonus of being refillable for many years to come, and have it filled with handmade chocolates from the Nutpatch selection! This should avoid disappointment when you open the little door! And should you open the little door just a tiny bit ahead, for that sneaky peak, you can always save face by coming in and replacing said chocolate and no one will ever know!

If you are interested in one of these advent calendars then please come in early, as stocks are limited.

Go on indulge yourself and embrace the spirit of Christmas!

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